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Originally Posted by MeterPig
Inane, I am sorry, but you are very wrong. In California of all places, this very situation arose where a landowner literally started shooting at riders on a public roadway. Cops showed up and went home. It pays to know folks.

If you are going to ride on those roads, bring firepower. Otherwise, I would avoid it unless you are willing to die for your viewpoint.

Sorry to say-but many of those folks that live in the hills believe that they are the judge, jury and executioner.
I live in the hills, i know the people who own land up here, who own those kind of 'private' roads. I *am* that country bumpkin you're referring to, seriously, noones going to shoot at you. If you roll up into someones front yard they might come out on the porch and yell at you, but i can assure you noone is going to be pointing a loaded gun at a stranger anywhere i can think of.
Noone is going to shoot at you, seriously. Thats like saying dont ride on roads in LA cause some gang banger is going to start taking pot shots at you. Of course theres always the odd incident where some nut bag does start shooting, but that happens in every walk of life and theres no rule to avoiding places because people are going to shoot at you (ok maybe an active war zone).
I dont think you're doing it right if part of your riding gear for the day is a loaded gun, that might be how you roll thats fine and dandy, but i dont think a valid reason is because you roll up someones driveway on accident in broad daylight on a dirt bike in the middle of dirtbike country.

Edit partial PUI:
Its 2008, its colorado, its summer time, its broad daylight. If you seriously think people are going to be discharging lethal rounds at you for basically no reason, and that a reasonable reaction to this fear is to tote a loaded gun in public land, than i dont think i'd be too far off to say you're nuttier than a fruitcake (i do mean that in a joking manner tho dont take too much offense pig :))
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