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I'd be very careful what "private roads" you cruise, even if they're marked public on the map. Remote meth labs, pot farms, militia camps, urban gangs on vacation (yeah, that's funny but I've seen 'em at Caribou) or me on a bad day are all possibly waiting for you down that road. There are too many disrespectfull buttheads (re: Orange Mafia post, theft posts, etc) riding around for landowners to give a damn that you're "just innocent/ignorant". On a hot summer Saturday, I might just let off a round or two before trying to argue with another flatlander. And who knows? You may be a not so innocent snooper; guy I know had his rifle, chain saw, and xr600 stolen by guys outside of Taos the he'd seen doing recon early in the week.
Best Advice: Know your Territory, or recon on foot.
"Explosion without an objective is politics in its purest form."
Thomas Pynchon, Against The Day
pg111, The Penguin Press 2006

"I'm gonna rise like Frankenstein
Come alive like Frankenstein
Go mental in the moonlight
Kick some ass and hit the gas!"
The Bags, Dark Days in the Valley
Mount Rockmore, 2006?

"Twas ever thus/Don't mean sheeit/Just passin' thru"
Mr. Natural, 1970?
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