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Originally Posted by Velocibiker
Almost looks like it belongs there .

I'm 6'5", so the OEM screen is practically useless. I'm mostly concerned with helmet buffeting. Usually results when a taller screen is attached that isn't designed to provide a full sized air pocket.

With the OEM screen, dirty air is hitting me at about an inch or so below my collar bones.

What's been your experience so far?
It sounds like you have a pretty good setup right now. A taller windscreen would move that turbulence upwards. I don't think we can get a tall enough windscreen to get behind, or at least I wouldn't want one that tall on my D/S bike.

I have the older, taller KTM Adventure windscreen, and at 6'3 and not so long waisted, I get buffeting. I am actually thinking about splashing a mold off my mask and trying a cut-down version, unless I find a mask off a wrecked '01-'03 to try.

You F-650 windscreen guys might want to try aluminum chainring bolts from a bike shop. Ricardo Kuhn recommended these a long time ago. Maybe a fat o-ring in between.
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