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Originally Posted by 800rider
Welcome Molgan I would be interested in some comparisons between your new very saucy toy and the old DR
Well, to begin with the obvious; the DR is a 16 year older bike. Breaks and suspension has evolved a bit over time, though there is a newer Öhlins suspension mounted in the rear on my bike. But, the difference isn't that huge when you have ridden the bike a bit. Actually I feel that I can push the DR a bit more on quick gravel roads then the Teneré, that could be because I'm more used to the DR then the Teneré off course. If I go offroad and the terrain gets messy the DR becomes too clumpsy though and can't compete with the Ten at all.

My DR is allmost totally original part from the rear shock and a slightly modified exhaust and air intake. Even so it happens that people turn their heads when I roll by on the beast. :) The only real technical problem I've had with it is the bearings for the stearing stem (guess they have some better name in english but I hope you get it). Everything else was caused by the driver..

Compared to the Teneré it's less dynamic, not as comfortable and not nearly as good offroad, but it sure has thump, and it's that sick engine that gives the bike its character. The reason why I got me a new bike is simply that I'm not that kind of guy who likes to bring every tool in the garage with me on a trip. The DR is after all an old bike that needs a lot of loving care, and the Ten is rock solid and I feel I could go to the end of the world with it even if I left the screwdriver at home. My DR is at the moment screaming for some new valves, a few new bearings and a overhaul of the carbs. Many years of rough treatment can bring down even the toughest.
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