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Hi all
Finaly managed to post after allsorts of login issues.
Anyway I'm the proud owner of an 88 DR750(will post pics when I work out how to embed them in the post).
Pretty much standard bike alround, swaped it for a 95 BMW f650,I think it was a good deal(still havn't made up my mind yet) find it much more comfortable to ride than the beemer, much better body position when up on the pegs. And the sound it makes is something else, I think it's a standard pipe although theres nothing to compare it to round here.
Havn't worked out how to open up the air box yet, but when I do I'll be back to find out about re-jetting.
Anyway I'm happy with the performance for now, and the sound(did I already mention that).
Bluesman, I could be in touch re the spares for this bike, not sure what prices are like where you are but I paid $100 nz for an air filter and oil filter which I thought was a bit steep, and I could get parts for the bmw out of the U.K. myself,cheaper and quicker than going through the local bike shop.

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