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Originally Posted by Dave2
OK! What kind of tires are you getting 12k out of??????????????
What bike, what tires, what tire pressure, what type riding? I'd love to get 10k out of any tire.
the first set of tires were
D206F for the front
I believe the rear was also a D206

Then I replaced the rear with 180\70 rear from a Valkyrie\VTX (D251 possibly?)

When it was slashed I replaced it with another Valkyrie\VTX rear

I just spooned on a new D206 front the other week.

I run about 42psi in the rear and 38-40 up front, lower in the twisties.

this is on my Shadow btw, you can't get anywhere near 20k on a Sport or DS tire, you'd be lucky to even get half that.
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