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The guy I got my bike of had 2 of them in Christchurch (perhaps thats the one peril (kb) saw.
He rebuilt both of them aparently, hoping to entice his brother out from the u.k. to do some adv riding.
Mine still needs a bit of tidying up but it's got good bones, and is quite rideable.
Top speed ? I havn't really wound it out but 140 is no trouble at all. I like the delivery of power, don't have to keep the revs above 4500 like the bmw, this thing will quite happily pulls from 2500 (and makes an awsome noise at the same time).
Yip, gaspipes bike is certainly a looker, I read the report of his ride after picking it up in Canada, and was quite impressed.

Can you buy pannier frames for these or is it best to custom make your own ?
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