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I came to all this as a gravel virgin from an old Shadow, so pavement is still my priority. After my recent trip to Detroit Oregon from my home in Parkdale, the lonely paved forest roads at 70-100mph, combined with gravel/dirt to Olallie Lake, I can imagine no smaller bike would thrill me as much.

Test rode the 1200 GS last fall before buying the 990, but it did not call to me. The 990 has ergonomics like other bikes; BMW's blinkers, headlights etc. are in different places, the shifter had to be searched for with my foot, etc. But it was soooo smoooooth....... Tooooo smooooth.......

Then I rode the KTM at a buddy's suggestion. All the shifters, blinkers, etc were EXACTLY where my body expected them to be. It was NOT as smooth, it was just a little raw & noisy, and it DEMANDED and CALLED to me to take it home.

But the clincher was the KTM is DESIGNED to fall down once in a while, the GS's flat twin cylinders look very exposed indeed, way more $ than the 990's plastic fuel tanks if..........
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