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Originally Posted by duct tape
How is your 800 on the pavement? My ride on the 990 felt nice on paved roads but I did not get on the highway where I've read it is not as smooth as the 1200GS. I'm not looking for superbike speeds, just comfortable cruising up to 70 mph, plus fun on the paved twisties.

How would your 800 be for city commutes?
Since I have the bike I use it to go into Vienna whenever it is possible for me to leave the car at home. Nevertheless this will probably get me in jail soon as it just soo much fun and I'm driving way too fast. I think this bike is a great commuter, as it is more comfortable and smooth than thumper but gives up almost nothing in agility. Just a little too wide at the bars to follow the scooters between the cars.

I have never ridden a GS nor do I intend to do so - these are just a category of bike which I'm not interested in. Tried to lift a GSA1200 from the sidestand and almost failed On the other hand the Adventure 990 and F800GS have more in common than what is seperating them - both are great bikes for my taste and IMO are very different from the GS. Up to 120km/h (75mp/h) the windshield of the F800GS is just fine while at higher speeds the wind protection on the Adventure is better - both are probably no match comfort wise for the GS.

For twisty backroads with an occasional offroad trip to reach a scenic point these bikes are hard to beat - and there is no problem if the drive to the backroads is a few hundert miles long Or a weekend trip to Kazakhstan and Mongolia ......

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