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Originally Posted by BikePilot
Not that the DRZ250 that you get wouldn't satisfy our govt, just that it would cost a fortune to certify it as such, making it not worth the cost for mfg's to certify some of their bikes for road use.
In Australia the same problem occurs. When a model is not brought in to the country, the excuse is always, "we won't sell enough of them to justify the certification cost". This is very common in the adventure bike market, which is a niche within a niche.

But the US market has to be shitloads bigger, so shouldn't suffer this same problem? or are your compliance systems state-based, so each one is different? At least in Australia, the compliance is basically national.

New Zealand is so small it pretty much doesn't inflict it's own special requirements on the market. If it is road-legal elsewhere, it can be here. Plus, virtually anything can be made road legal, as long as it has the equipment fitted.
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