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Laugh Broken Ribs,Bumps & Bruises,2flats,1Clutch,1Tranny,1FinalDrive, 1Shock Copper Canyon!

Broken Ribs, Bumps & Bruises, 2 Flats, 1 Clutch, 1 Tranny, 1 Final Drive, & 1 Wilburs rear shock! Thats the Carnage of our Baja & Copper Canyon Adventure!

Group Photo @ Coco's

Ok lets start this out with some disclaimers and sorry its sooo Late! This will be my first RR. I've been here awhile but have never been able to post pics until late. So now that I can lets start with this Baja to Copper Canyon Adventure!

Pre trip planning:
I managed to talk my wife into riding with me 2 Up into Mexico through Baja, take the ferry to the main land then across the wilds of Mexico to Copper Canyon. I told my Dad (Hi Ho Silver) what we had been planning and he said he was up for the challenge! So this is my account with the help of my wife who kept a journal of the ride. I will paste her journal on each day so you can see what she was thinking of this trip.

I planned this trip pretty much all by my self due to my wife said “Well if you want to go its up to you to plan it”. Really my wife and my Dad both work 5 days a week so due to my work schedule I had more time to plan this out. I wanted to ride as much off paved roads as possible.
I bought some maps then supplemented them with some AAA maps of Baja and Mexico. I read countless RR on ADV Rider and other ADV sites about this ride so I kind had a idea of where and how I wanted this ride to go. I got the Garmin GPS all loaded up with maps and I was ready to start planning this thing out (Never take a trip of this size with out both paper maps and a GPS use them to complement each other they are rarely on the same page.)

Day 1 – Saturday, May 13, 2006 261 Miles

Google Map of the days route,-117.04834&sspn=3.691142,7.03125&ie=UTF8&ll=36.941111,-120.838623&spn=3.705243,11.206055&t=h&z=7

Departure day! My Mother and Father have been married since 1972! My Mom thought we were crazy and was slightly upset with Dad for going on this ride. It just worked out that we left Napa CA on Mothers day so that was just another thing to set her on edge.

Passports check! Money check! Bikes ready to ride Check! This is my bike packed and ready to ride! I had to let the wife bring pretty much what ever she wanted. We had way too much stuff! In the end the extra load would cost us in break downs and money in repairs.

We left late afternoon and made it down to Lost Hills CA. Our plan was to camp as much as possible to save money and to make stopping easy when tired. Umm as you will see that didn’t work out so well. The hard and fast rule that we all agreed on before we left was WE WILL NEVER RIDE AT NIGHT.

Day 1 camp site and that’s pretty much it for day 1. Here are the pics of the camp site next morning packing up and the journal entry from the wife.

Wifes Log
Day 1 – Saturday, May 13, 2006
I have to give you some background so you don’t think we are heartless leaving on Mother’s Day weekend. We planned our trip to leave on Mother’s Day and celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday. We took Mom out to breakfast at the Dip Sea Café. During Breakfast the conversation came up about us leaving on Sunday. Mom suggested that we leave early afternoon the same day, which would be Saturday. So we agreed. We decided it was going to be better to break up the long day. We left Napa about 2:00 p.m. and steered our BMW’s towards Lost Hills, CA. We arrived at Lost Hills around 8:00 p.m. We set up our tents and headed over to the Denny’s. Denny’s is the traditional dinner place when we camp in Lost Hills. On our walk over to Denny’s we were sporting our new shoes, KEEN shoes/sandals. It was about a 2 block walk, at the most! I got a blister on the back of my right heel. What a beginning. Our tent spot is not a KOA anymore. It is very run down. On some parts of the soil you sunk in, yuck, and frogs were everywhere. Nasty!
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