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split every day on my commute.
Why my caged friends ask?
Here are a few reasons:
1. I'm sitting there breathing car fumes, you're texting in AC comfort.
2. I'm wearing all my ATGATT, it's hot, you're reading in AC comfort.
3. it's hard on the clutch and hand to crawl along at 3mph, you're eating in AC comfort.
4. I'm freeing a car space for a soccer Mom, she's....beating the kid in the back seat.
5. It's safer, you aren't going to rear end me while you're texting and beating your kid.
6. I'm saving gas, you can use it for your SUV.
7. I can get away from the sports car asshats that want to race a bike.
9. 'cause I can!
Nobody gets out alive....
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