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Pissed Day 2, Smoke and Loud Drunks!

I ride north on the 89 from Lake Tahoe. I stop at this little country store in Sierraville for gas and camp snacks. I start seeing lots of smoke from the forest fires.

Wanna race a train?

I make it to this self-pay National Forest campground near Greenville. I arrive to set up camp before dark. It was looking like a great night to camp. Unfortunately I wanted to sleep, the neighbors wanted to party all night.

I tried to sleep with the MP3 player playing softly in my ears. At 4:30 am the drunks were still at it. Loud Music and shouting! I should've tried earplugs, but was afraid I wouldn't hear my alarm clock. I really wanted to punch the most obnoxious drunk in the face, but I was outnumbered by 20.
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