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Anyone else with Type I Diabetes?

I'm still kind of new around here, I spend more time reading than posting because I'm still looking forward to getting a Buell Ulysses and until then I'm local only on my Suzuki SV1000S, which is kind of abusive after only 100 miles. I put away a lot of miles on my Buell S3T prior to getting the Suzuki, and I really miss the ability to ride a 600 mile day without hurting. It's a blast in the twisties though.


I'm looking at riding from Milwaukee to Alaska. I was stationed there in the late 80's and still have friends in Eagle River who I visit as often as possible. One of the few things that I havn't figured out yet is how to travel my insulin while on the road. In the past for shorter trips I've used a small cold box and with an ice pack. Since I'm on an insulin pump I just fill resivoirs and put them in instead of travelling full bottles of insulin.

The pump also makes it much easier to regulate my blood sugars while on the road. I generally set the basal rate to about half of what I use when I'm not riding, since I tend to eat less on the road and I burn a lot more calories than when I'm just sitting around the house.

I try and keep my sugars over 130 but under 150 while on the road, it avoids any unfortunate incidents. I'm lucky because I havn't become hypo resistant yet, so I can still feel it. I know that it makes it that much more important to test whenever I feel tired or a little weird, but luckily a sweet tarts or five can fix anything quickly, but keeping levels up takes carbs and protein.

Diabetes has never been a reason for me to quit everything I like to do. I might have to be a little more careful, but I'm not stopping anything. That said, I'm taking every precaution that I can in order to do things safely.

Why don't the voices in my head ever say; "Your dosage needs adjustment!"
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