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R100G/S - 2 years and 3 months later ...

It isn't completely finished yet, couple of things here and there, but this is what I have been working on for the last 2 years :

(Click for higher resolution)

  • 1990 BMW New Zealand R80GS Frame, legally registered in Ontario, Canada
  • 985cc rebuilt engine with '77 R100S pistons+barrels (A-bore), 1980 R100CS big valve dual-plugged heads, 1983 R80RT bottom end
  • Overhauled 40mm Bings, SLS system removed, jetted with160 main jets, 2.66 needle jets (new needles) and 45 idle, 3rd notch (initial setting)
  • Low mileage stainless steel R100R exhaust system, de-"chromed" and weight relieved, seems to work very well with the rest of the engine
  • OMEGA Electronic Ignition with two dual tower Dynatek high-energy ignition coils (backup: points-in-beancan ignition with 2.8Ohm HD dual coils)
  • 450W voltage regulator/rectifier combo (backup: BMW stock components)
  • remanufactured 280W altermator stator and new rotor (Rick Jones) (backup: known good spares)
  • 1982 G/S gearbox, completely rebuilt and modified with a complete set of late design 17.5 Helical gears, mod'ed with a long 5th (HPN)
  • 1987 R80RT monolever 37/11 4-lug final drive
  • Monolever swingarm with 1 1/4 in extension
  • EXCEL tube-type rims 21x1.85 and 17x2.50 super-laced to refurished, low mileage 1993 GS front and rear hubs with extrastrong stainless steel spokes/nipples (Woody's Wheelworks)
  • Stock 1989 GS Marcocchi 40mm forks with RaceTech Gold Valve
  • CC Products fork brace from SJBMW
  • New Ohlins Rear Shock, setup for 220lbs and 1 1/4 in swingarm extension
  • Brake modification to a 4-piston Brembo caliper (1999 BMW K1200S) with 13mm m/c and Spiegler SS brakeline
  • Large single beam 9" Clearglas Chrome Headlight with Xenon HID conversion (triples light output)
  • Trailtech Vapor Motorcycle computer with digital voltmeter
  • BMW Speedster windscreen
  • Hyperlite Flashing Brake Light
  • original GS Krauser luggage racks for equal size bags
  • GS soloseat and rack (or Corbin Gunfighter alternatively)
Where is it going to go? This year it will be gravelracing (sorry: off-roading) in CO, NM, TX and OK and it will go to Alaska within the next 3-4 years.

Click here for "The Making of ...":

Some of the above is fact, some is fiction, some is my personal imagination and some is just simple truth. [me]

... i'm not touring around the world, but neither are most of the guys i see running overloaded spam cans ... [bmwblake]

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