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My experience level is intermediate. I've been riding on road or dirt for 20 years and have done short and long trips. I'm an ex army paratrooper, so I've spent a lot of time outdoors in some pretty crap conditions and my physical fitness level while not what it used to be isn't terrible either. I have very good control over my diabetes and have done quite a bit of travelling and adventuring since I was diagnosed 12 years ago at age 26.

I'm not really mining for information as much as trying to start a conversation between other riders that might be in the same situation as myself. I work a very intense job with terrible hours (TV news microwave truck engineer 4am until noon or whenever) so I am used to managing my IDDM-I in adverse conditions. I take it dead seriously since I have a two year old son, four year old daughter and an amazing wife that I want to get back to after each and all of my little adventures, regardless of what they may be.

Why don't the voices in my head ever say; "Your dosage needs adjustment!"
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