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Home safe and recovering. I got home at 10:00pm last night after hauling butt to make it that early.

Too many people to thank. First of all is Stonewall. He shows that we can get an event together and it be nothing short of amazing and not a big logistical mess like poor treadless had to deal with for WARPED.

The last person I'd like to thank is Jake (dustjunky?). With this damn lung bit I've had and travel for work, I'm not in the best shape of my life and he took the GS about 20 yards that I just needed a break from going up Silver Canyon. I feel like a pansy, but it has certainly forced me to want to get well and back in shape (hopefully hitting the gym tonight).

In between, all the guys I rode with who I only kind of knew based on screen names who were very patient and willing to take a pansy noob along with them. Henry, John, Danny, Jake, Dave and the guys I camped next to but never got names from. All of you are tops and a ton of fun to hang out with.

This was easily in my top 5 riding experiences and defined adventure riding for me.
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