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LeisureClubs comments:
Everything came together well for this one. Been wanting to get on the bike and ride for awhile
and this seemed like a good opportunity. Cedarville has been good to us in the past and they
came through with flying colors once again. Thanks to Jim and Jon. Great riding partners and
company. Stroup throws that 650 down the trail like he'sout for a little stroll and Jon handles
anything that comes at him with aplomb.

Saturday morning came up a little earlier than I had anticipated but the excitement propelled us
out the door and off to south Chevron where we met up with Stroup.

We take off and quickly make our way east towards Pine Mountain and down to Christmas Valley.
Angry Dust Lady's dog gives chase but stops at the fencline. Good pooch. It's a little chilly
out in desert and we stop a few times to warm the mitts.
Kotzman Basin is blanketed in a low ground fog that looks really neat but its into the sun and
thelittle camera can't quite manage it.

Carry on.

We take the tried and true route over Green Mountain and stop, again, to warm up a little and let
go of some coffee. Its gorgeous up here this hour, the air is clear and the view is nice.

East Lava Field

As we descend into Christmas Valley and the air is filled with a strong aroma of alfalfa.
All the fields are ribboned with the stuff. Smells so good I have to take a look.

We make the standard gas stop at the Chevron and stock in some high test for the bikes and
little debbies for the riders. As some of you may know the stick meat selection at the cash
register is second to none and it is too tempting to pass by. FYI: pepperoni sticks and
honey buns are a poor combination and don't mix well.

At this point the excitement level ratchets up a little. We're heading into some new to us territory
and don't know what to expect trail-wise and can't wait to get to it. We take off from the
Chevron with a friendly admonission to ride safe.
The route is a fantastic jeep road. We were expecting a few more rocks due to our previous
experience on that other "road" a couple canyons over. But it wasn't anything like it and we made
good time headed south.

It was a great mix of conditions: rocks, sand, ruts, washouts. Perfect, having a ball.

Along the way I'd clutched for a downshift into a corner and felt a little "tink" in the lever.
Now that was different, I thought. Out of the corner I squeeze the clutch again to shift up and POP.
Flopper lever. Oh boy. Looked down at the odo. 27 miles out of Christmas valley and we
still have a ways to go today. And tomorrow! Oh well, that doesnt really affect forward motion
so kept moving. Got pretty decent at the upshift and downshifting with the throttle again. That
DRZ has a very forgiving tranny.
We got down out of Fandango Canyon to the north shore of Lake Abert. Seemed a good spot to try
to make repair.

Just the end piece up at the lever had popped off so we still had plenty of cable to play with.
Forecast was for mid to high 80's and by now of course the morning chill is long gone.
It's somewhere around 10 or 11 and standing there with the coats on its starting to heat up.
Starting to work up a little sweat fiddling with the lever and anxious to get moving and cool
off a little. The stick meat and little debbies have faded and we're starting to think about lunch too!
Vice grips applied and we're ready to go.
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