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This trip was actually three days of paradise for me. I had just worked something like 21 days with one day off, and had been looking forward to this for over a month, when Greg mentioned a big ride to Cedarville.

I wrapped up work on Thursday night, got up at about 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning to make sure there weren’t any work related “crisises” to take care of, did some general office work until about 9:00 a.m. and then had nothing more to do. It was a real weird feeling.

So I thought I do what I like to do best, travel down through the valley and visit my friends. So I hooked up the little trailer to the trusty Toyota, loaded up the XR and my gear and headed south.

First stop was to see my friend Bill, at Bill’s Motorcycles Plus, the Husky Dealer in Salem. It is always good to see him and we talked about the motorcycle business, BMW’s buyout of Husqvarna, and his other business, Mike’s Cycle Parts for about an hour. If anyone needs a Husky, Bill is the guy to see. He is the largest volume Husqvarna dealer west of the Mississippi, and a simply great guy.

Second was a stop off to see my friend Gary Beyer at Gran Prix Cycle in Albany. I have known Gary for almost 20 years, and first met him when he had little more than a desk, wood stove, a chair and some empty racks with no inventory in the shop. Now the shop is bursting at the seams, and is what could now be considered a “don’t miss” or “destination” shop when driving by.

My final stop in the valley to see my brother. He builds custom bicycle frames, is starting to build motorcycle frames, and I wanted to see the latest project. We ended up hanging out for quite a while and I ended up helping him disassemble a set of motorcycle forks and showing him how to shorten them for a bobber project he’s working on.

So, it was getting near 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and I needed to head over the mountains. I was going to drop off a tire for Taco250, but ran out of time (your tire is a Greg’s house!). I stopped by Tom’s World of Weirdness, where there were about 7 guys sitting around drinking Busch Beer (or maybe it was Pabst), with classis rock blaring out in the shop. I was having a good conversation with Tom about the sorry ass state of vintage MX when the guy from across the parking lot came over and asked if anyone owned the yellow Toyota.

“Why yes, that is mine,” I said. “Well, were are open and trying to run a business across the parking lot, and your truck is parked in the way,” said our new friend. I replied, that since there were weeds growing in front of their roll up doors and the windows were all dirty, I though the place was vacant and out of business--sorry. Boy, the guy really didn’t like that comment, screwed up his fact just like the Mexican Bandit in “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and said, I kid you not, “Weeds? Grass? There are now weeds or grass in front of those doors!” So we walked out, I pointed out the weeds I was referring to. He stormed back into his building. I left for Bakkinsammich’s place for MSR Fuel bottles.

...more to come...
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