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Well, I got fandagoed on the Fandango road. There were a lot of rocks in the road, and normally that doesn't bother me too much, but sometimes you just can't get into the groove.

So I was cruising about 40, hit a rock which deflected the front end out to the left and the we (the XR and I) careened to the right side of the road. The problem is that while the road has a lot of rocks in it, the side of the road really has a lot of rocks--big ones, too. I am not sure how I made it as I landed on top of a sage brush breaking my fall and the only think that happend to the XR was a scratched and kinked front fender, a small dig in one of the head pipes, a small dent in the mucffler, and a badly twisted set of forks. I got up before Jim could take a picture of me, tried to straighten the fork, and proceeded at a somewhat slower rate.

The rest of Fandango was fine, we made it out of the rocks, and down toward lake Albet, where Greg had the clutch cable issue, and we decided to take a break.

I was wandering around off the road and found this little guy:

I really have no idea, but I think it is some type of nasty odd looking spider or maybe a scorpion? It didn't look like the ones I have ever seem with the long, skinny tail as his was kind of short and flat, but it sure curled up with a pointer on it! He was about 1.5 inches long I would guess.

Greg working on the DRZ from the nasty looking crawly creature's vantage point.

The place we stopped was next to a bunch of cows and some lonely cabin--though I had picture, but I guess not.

So, we cruised east toward Highway 395 on this steadily improving gravel road, passed an alfalfa hauling semi on said road and got dusted out. Then, just like that we were at 395.

We jumped on the highway and headed south...for about 100 yards, crossed the highway to a gate with a somwhat faint road that went east over the grassland--the place Greg called our off ramp. The "road" was real faint if there at all, luckily we were following a BendDualSport menber's GPS track, so even though is was a grass covered, rocky moonscape, we knew we were going some where--ultimately to visit the lady that has become know as the wicked witch of the west...
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