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When Greg first posted this ride on I immediately jumped on it; Then I started second guessing my ability, the distance (600+ miles), the Oregon, Nevada and Cali desert in August!?? a few weeks out I actually had plans to bail out half way at a favorite spot of mine and the wifes called Summer Lake Hot Springs.
Watching the weather forcasts daily it looked like a cold spell (for this county in Aug) was going to show up just in time for this weekend trip, and it did! I must say Greg did and excellent job planning this route and weather dancing. This was the most enjoyable and relaxing ride for me to date! The 650 ran great, got great mileage, and to my suprise stayed rubber side down the whole way! Great riding partners!, great county!, great weather!, great scenery!, great food! More to come after the ride planne posts his next section..................
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