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The next leg was more Central Oregon rock garden goodness. The powerline ran south down to our next
gas stop (and maybe lunch) in Plush at the Hart Mountain Store. It started out nice and enough easy
sit down type jeep road and we cruised a short distance before having to skirt around a cliff. Once
on top of the plateau it was a bee line towards the Coyote Hills. A rock infested bee line no less.
Great fun fast up on the pegs bumpy. My arms and legs are starting to get a little tired when up
comes one of those ubiquitous cattle country barb wire fence gates. Aaahh, short break here.
I reach for the clutch lever and it offers no resistance. Whoops! Shoulda taken Stroup up on
the zip tie earlier. Darn, I had much affection for those pliers. We'd been through a lot together.
They worked out as a shift lever couple springs ago. Sniff, sniff, bet they hung on just as long as
they could. Ah well, mourning over, toe it to neutral and coast up to the gate. On the other side
Jon graciously offers my his. A nicer pair with more surface on the jaws to hold onto the cable
end. Thanks Jon! (BTW, they're still on the bike so you're just going to have to come over for
another ride to get 'em back) Stroup walks over and offers me three zip ties. Thankyou. Lesson learned.

We meander our way through the hills following overgrown jeep and atv tracks then down into the Warner Valley.
What a gorgeous place. An oasis. Green fields and two huge lakes with Hart Mountain backing it
all up.

Now we have a decision to make. Turn west into the hills for some forest riding down to the border,
or continue south and keep to the desert. We pick desert. Cant get enough of the Big Picture.
The immense vistas with no trees impeding the view are what we crave.
We gas up and decide to head down the pavement for Adel to get a sit down cooked lunch.

No pics of Adel here maybe one of you others have some? Regardless, it was great. I really like
a place where you walk inside and there on the board is clearly stated What Is For Lunch. And
Saturday was spaghetti bake. Three please. We thoroughly enjoy the food,company and service.
Top notch and the place was hopping.
Finished with lunch and starting to get too comfortable just sitting around, we top off the tanks
and continue south for Cedarville. We're making good time leaving Adel around 2 and looks like
we'll be down from Hays Peak well ahead of dark. On through Coleman Valley we pass more agriculture
and then out into the desert. Jim and Jon take the playa while I stick to the gravel. We're really
enjoying passing through this big country.

That dot out there is Jim trying his hand at the record.

And then, Nevada.
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