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I agree with rad that you should follow the instructions to the letter. The bit about replacing the tyre is up to you.

"Hey RAW,
Don't use the tire sealing goop. It makes a mess. Just use a tire plug. Simple easy and safe.
Since you are getting the tire replaced there is no need to do anything else."

Hey Kildala,
Nothing personal mate, but by NOT using the glue this guy stands a very good chance of killing himself. Simple and easy but NOT safe. The road heat bonds the three compounds together, glue and the two in the plug.

On my RT my last rear tyre had 5 plugs (if you dont belive me speak to Garners motorcycles in Melbourne) as riding down the side of the freeway was by far and away faster but the road debree had you getting punctures every couple of weeks. Replacing the tyre was simply not an option. The plugs hold very well and out of 20+ BMW style plugs i have never had a problem. BTW Make sure you put the plug in long ways as it often tends to tear if you dont.
Some may think that 5 plugs is excessive but i have already experienced a sudden deflation at 85mph and on the RT it was no problem (big chunk of scrap metal). Your choice if you want to change the tyre and if your in doubt that you could handle a sudden deflation then get a new one.
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