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do-it-yourself maint.

Originally Posted by Desert Dave
Regarding the original posters concern, I to am a bit leary of buying a BMW just because of the companys attitude of keeping you reliant on a dealer for every little thing. yes, you can do your own work, which I intend to, but after a fair amount of research and reading first hand reports from owners it seems I'll have an uphill battle. ....
I am a do-it-yourselfer also, and have my money down on a BMW with some trepidation....

In the old days of carburetors & points & plugs a handy rider with a decent tool roll could usually figure out how to make his/her way home .... Now with fuel injection being far more popular, and solid state electronic ignition being pretty much universal it is easier to be left stranded with no "plan B"... I guess I"m kind of resigned to that... on long treks (which won't be that often for me ... I'll pack some extra water/food bars and make sure somebody at home has a copy of my travel plans.

I want to do my own maint. keeping proper documentation so that if challenged on a future warranty claim I can prove service was done. I also plan to go by the local dealer every 6K miles and pay them for (what I hope is) an hour or less of shop time to plug the bike into the diag. computer to compare firmware levels and check for TSBs / recalls ... unless I can figure out another way to make those things happen....

***** >>>>> I would dearly love to be able to get the information on recalls / TSBs, and the release of new firmware (like fuel maps) but I have not found a source for that yet... if anybody else has done so please post! <<<<< *****

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