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Originally Posted by Dave92029

The new "F" series bikes look very interesting, but for $5000 less you can buy a totally relaible V Strom. The V Strom may be "souless", but by that I guess you mean that you have a Mechanically uneventful trip. I feel that mechanically uneventful trips are a Good thing.
For me, soulless means I look at the bike and shrug. I have no urge to go anywhere, no interest in riding other than as a cheap alternative to driving, and no interest in exploring. It's a fine piece of transportation - so is a corolla, and if not being ~involved~ with your riding machine is fine for you, it does its job just fine. If you look for something that actually interests you in riding, actually makes you want to ride every time you look at it, the V-strom may or may not do it for you, and for me it doesn't any more than my Ninja 650 did. I look at it and just have no interest in doing anything with it. My Sportster, every time I look at it, I WANT to ride. I want to find someplace new to go. Same with my Old CBR, before I sold it (trust me, I regret that one). It's the difference between loving the journey, and loving the ride, and for me, I need both. The Sporty felt right when I sat on it. The V-strom just didn't feel wrong, it mostly didn't feel anything.
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