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Seeing good reviews really makes me smile, I think reading these is the most satisfying part of my job

tkuhe: "Ordered my jacket two days ago from Dennis and got it today! Awesome deal and awesome service.
Dennis thank you again"

G-man17: "Folks I want to give Dennis here some props. Others on the board have said it but I am very happy to add my voice to the chorus. Great job Dennis, the jacket fits great. I was concerned about the sizing, Dennis kept answering questions until I was satisfied. Then he gave me a good deal--I saved quite a bit and bought a pair of cool moto socks with the savings. Thanks Dennis glad I could support an ADV member. The gear is flippin cool"

rsimpson: "Another positive note about Dennis and Beach Moto. I just paid a visit to his shop and he spent almost 45 minutes with me. Very helpful"

Whitecross: "Hey Dennis, Just ordered the OFF-Track XXL Grey-Red. Thanks for the suggestion and your great service. It's been a long time since I've felt this good about a purchase well since the Dakar in fact"

btmoto: "I just wanted to thank Dennis for all his help and for getting my gear to me on time"

Dr. Zaius: "Cayenne Pro Jacket and Pants, Fehrenheit H2o Gloves, Apache Boots and socks all work perfectly. I have about 1500 miles on them now (including a couple of solid Pacific Northwest rainstorms) and this is by far the best gear I have ever owned. I highly recommend this gear to everyone and go through Dennis. He is a stand up guy and a fellow inmate! Ride On! "

neuroto: "Thanks for all your help sizing my new Rev'it clothing. The pants and jacket arrived several days ago and fit perfectly. The quality and worksmanship of the clothing is great. Put 250 mile on them the first day and 150 the next. Everything works great. Thanks Again"

DrFaulken: "Dennis is a bad ass dude. I got my Cayenne Pro today (super fast order processing and shipping!) and it is AWESOME!!
Here's was more impressive than the jacket, though, and I hope other e-tailers, large and small, will take note:

1) Dennis provided his recommendation on sizing based on his knowledge of the product. He suggested a size XL, which I would have NEVER gone for. I wear a medium tall in my Tourmaster, and would have ordered a large left to my own device. Thankfully, Dennis was there to make the recommendation. The XL fits great!

2) Dennis was very communicative throughout the process. He told me when he expected to ship my order and provided a tracking number as soon as possible. This is the level of service I'm used to with larger e-tailers, and to receive such attention to detail from Dennis was a huge bonus.

3) My order was processed and shipped promptly. I've waited up to a week for "in-stock" items to ship from other places, and to get quick service from Beach Moto made me feel good.
All in all, I am very pleased with Dennis and Beach Moto. I was a little nervous, especially after my dealings with another popular gear manufacturer here on ADVrider and the horrible customer experience I had dealing with a smalltime vendor.

Big thanks to Dennis -- not only for providing expert product guidance and order fulfillment, but a great overall customer experience as well. This is how a Web-based business should be handled.

Nesbocaj: "So I'm thinking of some NEW winter gloves, I PM Dennis a few questions, then a few more. Yes, I can be a PIA. I get prompt, product knowledgeable replies to all my questions and sizing info which corrected a size error that I was going to make. I ordered the gloves on 9/29, get a PM that the order was received followed by a tracking number. Amazingly they are waiting when I get home from work today (10/2), WOW! The fit is perfect, the gloves; Fahrenheit H2O, are very well made and will be perfect for my needs. Any online seller could take a lesson from Dennis, as this is the way to conduct your business. I'll be spreading the word about, and spending my $$ at Thanks Dennis!"

nostatic: "Yet another plug for Dennis. As it turns out I work about 4 blocks away from his location and already have some Rev'it gear. I need something for the upcoming frigid SoCal winter, so we went through a number of jackets trying to sort out fit. I'm tall and relatively thin so most jackets tend to be way too big through the waist/gut...or the sleeves are too short. We finally hit on the Off-Track being the right combination of features and fit. I wanted to go bright so yellow got ordered up along with some pants. The jacket showed up today and it'll get used on the ride home. Pants following soon. Oh, then some warmer gloves. And a second pair of boots might be nice. And...Suffice it to say that Dennis knows his stuff and I don't need to worry about where to find my gear. Now I just need to make more money..."

tracksuit hobo: "Due to a hectic work schedule, I end up buying tons of stuff online. Even after using size charts, reviews, and forums - It's still a guessing game. Dennis is located a couple miles south from my office, so I dropped by on my lunch hour. I was planning to get some XL Ultimate model pants on closeout. I tried on three different sets of pants, with/without the liners installed, and while sitting on the 690. I ended up with a completely different item (Dakar in Large) and size than what i would have ordered somewhere else online. It was great to get that kind of personalized fit and service, and his knowledge and applicable experience with the product line was very helpful. So far so good with the pants! "

thinkFuture: "Just ordered an Offtrack Jacket with KNOX back protector from Dennis. Before I did I pm'd him about a sizing question and was surprised to see that within an hour I had a response already - really great service! Thanks again, Dennis"

assfault: "I recieved my Rev'It brand Dakar pants today from Dennis @ Beach Moto. I had called late friday and after a quick discusion about my size and the color I wanted it was a done deal. Dennis said it was late and that it would go out on Monday. Well here it is on Tuesday, in my hands. Quite possibly the most trouble free phone purchase I have ever made. The fit seems spot on so I am going for a little afternoon ride to check out the feel and useability and hopefully not the protection. Thanks Dennis"

RichK: "I bought my Rev'it gear (Cayenne Jacket and pants) through Dennis a month or so ago. I can honestly tell you it has been one of the best purchase experiences I've ever had. The gear is incredible, no doubt about it. But what makes it even better is the store behind it. Dennis was great with me, as well as many I see here. He's on top of the product, the fitting, and does his best to make his customers happy. With his attitude, I fully expect to see him make it, even in the challenging times ahead. Let's help him when we can. Dennis - Thanks much, and keep up the great work!"

ghostryder: "Another positive experience!!! Asked a few questions, got straight and the order arrived on time. Great doing business with you, and Ill be sure to call again when I need some gear. Thanks for the great service."

Glierly: "I was in contact with Dennis by email last Monday. After getting some requested information to him he had the recommended sizes back to me by late afternoon (CST). I received confirmation of my order that evening and shipment tracking number on Tuesday. The Cayenne Pro pants and jacket were delivered this past Friday. The gear is outstanding - I got to test it in 39 degree weather coming to work this morning. Great gear, great service - it just doesn't get much better than this...."

dstock: "A positive experience for me too! I'm local to Dennis and he was kind enough to wait after his normal shop hours last week, so I could come by and try on the Apache boots, which I ended up buying. Lots of great kit in his shop, in the immortal words of Arnold "I'll be back!" Thanks Dennis!"

Jeffy: "I just wanted to thank Dennis. I placed an order for some GT H2O's on Friday and it arrived today! I must say these are probably the best fitting gloves I've ever worn! Thanks again Dennis."

advbob: "I bought my stuff on site at Dennis' store and want you all to know that he, in spite of hobbling around on an injured foot, spent a lot of time making sure that I had the correct fitting items. Next step is to lose a few inches of waist so a matching pair of pants can fit me. I heard that regular riding helps in this regard. Well, hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and maybe see some of you at Dennis' store ..."

SAR GS Rider: "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dennis for opening his shop on New Years Eve afternoon so that I could try on and then purchase a pair of Apache H2O boots. Can't get better customer service. BTW, the boots are very comfortable."

highermath: "I just want to shout out that Dennis and his shop rock! First off, he has more Rev'It gear in stock than anyone. I don't think that you will find a better deal and you definitely won't find better service anywhere. Support your fellow Adventure Rider and buy something!"

Day13: "Dennis guided me through the whole process of application, environment, priority requirements and of course, sizing. Cayenne Pro jacket and pants are on the way!! I had a tracking number 15 minutes after our conversation. Gear will be here Friday and I'll post up with eval after the weekend."

Braunry: "Dennis, Just wanted to say again(here on the board)how much I appreciate your prompt service and your advice while I decided on which gear to go with. I can honestly say that when it comes time to order again (street gear for the new Duc), I'll be doing so with Beach Moto!"

Guateadventure: "I place my order today on the Revit Off Road and Dakar pants , I most say that Dennis help was superb he walk me thru on my size and give me a real person to person advice something that you donít see any more in todayís web Motorcycle gear business , thanks Dennis keep the good work and looking forward to get my shipment I let you know a soon I put my hands on ...Thanks !! "

Thank you guys (and girls) once again, you

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