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if it runs sweet - do not sell it. Not much money anyway, right? If it has to be insured to keep numberplate - OK, give up numberplate, just keep it for a while. As for road bike - OK, I have one, the VTR. So, what? Where do you ride it nowadays? Police, speed controls, cameras, sh''t weather....
I have not ridden my sportbike for almost 1 year.
One of my best suprise was how DR behaved in truly serious offroad conditins - I never expected it to be that good. It's just straghtforward "honest" motorcycle with loads of "personality" :) Perhaps make a battleship rally-style offroader from it! :) Throw stuff at it that can do too much damage to brand new Tenere ;)

or even better. 3.5 X17" rim front, 4.25X17" rim back, sticky supercorsa, get rid of ALL extra weight and use it as "hypermotard". DR is really good behaving good suspended bike for road - they got geometry right!
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