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Originally Posted by slide

Also is the only reason you ride to get from A to B? Why bother on a bike you say is souless? Why not take the train or a truck? Even if you could prove to me that Bike A is less reliable than boring bike B, I'd rather take bike A and accept the risk of trouble. I mean, this is a sport, not a trudge.
True words.

I guess it's all how you define souless or lack of character. I've owned a number of track bikes that I never made an emotional connection with, they were just a collection of parts to get the job done as efficiently as possible, BUT those souless machines allowed me to have some of my best experiences on two wheels.

I've also had bikes in the garage that made me look back everytime I walked by, and I definately would make a connection kickstarting them and feeling the character as I let out the clutch, but a short ride was enough.

I always follow my heart when buying a bike (or you'll never be happy) but I need to know the bike will get the job done also. Wierd thing is the more fun I have on a bike the more I start to give it the second looks before turning out the lights in the garage.

For me the 800GS is a decent compromise between all of that.
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