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Laugh Diabetes and travel

Hello Impulse 101,
Like yourself i have this type of diabetes and have had it since age 6(now 33).I have suffered with hypo problems in the past but now ok,so far!
Myself and two other good friends are heading out on saturday to do a weeks road trip of approx 1700miles round trip from the Isle of Wight to John 'O Groats in Scotland,doesn't sound much to some but this is our first of many, hopefully.My friends know about my diabetes and know what to look for if they think i'm having problems,I now carry a Glucogen Pen with me incase of worst case senarios and my friends know how to use it.It's good to have friends that know what to do .
I'm guessing that you wear an I.D. bracelet/necklace with details,if not try one of these,i've just brought one and certainly a good idea .Have fun.
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