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Actually, there was something I picked up on when the guy was giving me the invoice. He said something along the lines of "Your contribution for the service is 40". It sounded as though I wasnt' being charged the full amount. The invoice is for a gasket, the filter and oil (Castrol GPD 10W-40). No labour.

I'm not 100% on the forks. I'll no doubt get a better feel for it as I put more miles on it, but it feels exactly as I'd expect loose head bearings to feel. Like a small 'clonk' whenever the direction of the force on the forks changes...when you hit a bump and they start to compress or if you come off a bump or hit a recess in the road and the forks extend. But only if it's a fairly sharp action. Like if you hit a new piece of surfacing on the road that's higher, it'll do it as you hit the ridge, but nothing when the forks then settle back down.

I'm not worried about it. I can't feel anything amiss when riding and if I'm at a stand still and bounce the front end up and down with the brake held I don't feel or hear is, as I'd expect if te forks or yokes were moving about in the headstock.
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