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Ok here is an Update.....

Today started with ... Get TheBeast ready for state inspection...
I knew the intakes need to be changed (little O rings) So did that..WAPITA!!
Put the 08 tag on the plate...

Lets back up.... It had been 10 months since it cough it up...
Work started on it in Feb... So it has been up on ramps for 6 months...

Note it is off the ramps..
Had a full tank of fuel in it (treated w/staybil & Seafoam..) And the petcock off.And No battery in it..
Put a new Battery in it... And of course new oil and filter..
I was a little worried about starting it .As I kept hearing horror stories..
LOL... So I asked my honey to crank it for the first time ....
Ok yes I can be a chicken .. Hahahaha

He gave it a crank or two then few twists And it Roared to LIFE!!!
I took it down the driveway once...That was the night before..

Now for the rest of the day... Well took it for the SI. It ran Great!
All the gears smooth.. Man did it feel good to ride it...

OK it was better then good... It was friggin fantastic!!!!!
After that ..It was now time to let it stretch it's legs and breath ..
We went for a 100 mile romp !! It's sweet !!! And as I say it's all about the test ride!!
Dang I just love this bike!!! And yes a little more then TheBlack !!!

Todays ride confirmed it !! It's like and old favorite moccasin... It just fits ME !!

Came back from the ride.. And gave it a nice sudsy bath and a nice wax.. Heck even did the chrome on it...

Did I say WOW !!! To bad can put up the videos... I'll have to see if I can make them smaller...
I was really excited last night !!
Had a very hard time containing myself...

Till next time

SO hey if I can do it anyone can
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