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alfred jorgensen
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97 KTM Adventure

I have one of the five Adventure's imported in 97, it came only with a manufactures "certificate of origin" and a "hope you can get it registered somehow" greating as I rolled it out the door from Malcolm Smiths Motorsport in Riverside, CA in very early 98.

About a month prior, I saw a full blown 97 Rallye bike in Malcolm's showroom and was immediatly attracted to it in spite of its apparent poor quality plastic and kick start only engine. Alas, it had already been sold to my friend in Flagstaff, AZ, bummer. By the way, he still uses it!

However, after some investigation, I learned that along with the Rallye bike, KTM had brought over a number of Adventure models for the US motorcycle press to test and which probably were eglible for registering as "green sticker" bikes in CA, "at least Jimmy Lewis had somehow got a plate for his" I was told by a KTM team member.

The bike had the twin down mufflers but it came with a Del'Orto carb, a larger diameter piston and cylinder in a box and a photo copied manual and parts book plus a photo copied parts manual for the suspension.

It also has sand-cast engine cases which are set up for a 660 cc cylinder and some other minor oddities, some of which I believe was carried over on the early 98 models available in the US.

Now, this was not a setup, when I was told the bike was available, Malcolm's store manager also told me that "it was not certain that the bike could be registered in CA" and they wanted to make sure I understood that I was buying it at my own risk because they did not want to end up with it on "the floor".

At the time, I had a history with Malcolm's shop bying various odd bikes like a 650 Cagiva Elefant and a so-called Ducati E900 so they were used to my excentricities.

A long story short, i ended uo with a "Green Sticker" bike registration which later was converted to a street legal designation and today the bike has a Nevada plate.

Incidently, Nevada is the perfect place for this machine with its big fuel tank since we often go 200 plus miles between fuel stops and the fairing is nice on that 80 mile home run on some remote highway at the end of the days ride.

However, I was originally planning on using it on dual-sport rides and the down pipes were a pain getting hung up on rocks and tree stumps on single track trails so I purchased an entire "rear end", sub-frame, plastic and all for an EXC dual sport model and bolted it up.

The only problem was the exhaust, Big Gun had a complete high mounted system which I purchased but it was way too loud and when I added a 4" Supertrap internal disc muffler it either strangled the bike with a few discs or was still way too loud.

So I ended up building a dual muffler set-up aking to what my Husky's has using two 4" internal disc Supertrap mufflers which has been on the bike ever since, it flows great and is nice and quite for when you explore trails which are not on the official maps.

12,000 miles later, the bike still runs great and I am still using it to explore remote areas of Nevada since it is my only bike that can go 250 plus miles between refills and it has never let me down!

Alfred Jorgensen
Las Vegas, Nevada

NB: The original separate wind screen was not very good, at 6.5 ' it buffeted my helmet badly at speed. After a friend of mine crashed the bike into an oak tree during the last "Six Days of Northern California" in 2001, I fitted a lower combined mask and wind screen from a later model and it works better keeping the turbulence on my chest.
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