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Day 1 Lincoln Nebraska to Montpelier Idaho

On the road early, I top off the gas...Cheapest around..

I hop on I 80 and head west to the Platte...I pick up the fog as my ride takes me west...Past The Archway Monument, just north of Ft. Kearney...The Monument is worth stopping to visit, as it chronicles the history of the Great Platte River ROad....

I finally get out to the Fog as I exit the slab, near Oshkosh..Now that I am on the road less traveled I start to see signs i am on the right trail.

on the road less traveled I can now see and smell the route the pioneers saw, as this route is along the river..

The gradual climb, from 1,000 ft above sea level in the east, too 3,000 msl now, I start to see the hills and buttes that flank the river to the south and north...This climb will eventually top out late today in Wyoming as I clear 7,300 ft msl as I cross the Continental Divide..

Thru towns named Broadwater and Bridgeport, I see more signs that this trail has others that also passed this way...

Past Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff I push into Wyoming..

Passing Ft. Laramie, it is approaching time for a break, so I push on a few more miles to Register Cliff..The cliff is located south and east of the modern day town of Guernsey WY...Not far from the road,, the stop was worthwhile..

Having drank my last water, I head south from the Cliff to Wheatland WY..I stop in Wheatland at the Cenex, and top off with water and gas..The temps are starting to get hot, but the lady at the station said it will be cooler to the west...

West from Wheatland I pickup hwy 34 toward laramie...Thru Sybil Canyon, and on to the west the temperatures drop as I continue to climb..

At the intersection of hwy34 and 30 i take a right and head toward Rock River and Medicine Bow...Having followed the Platte for most of the day, I am now following the rails...As I pass thru small run down towns, I am enjoying temps in the 70s and have a wind from the east..

Hwy 30 eventually dumps me onto I80 again near Rawlins WY...With 5 hours of daylight left, I stop for a late lunch...I decide to push west and try to make it to MOntpelier ID...The cool temps and wind from the east are not common in these parts during this time of year..

With lots of fellow pirates, I head on past Ft. Steele, and am finding the grove as I pass Rock Springs and Green River..

Just past Green River I get off the slab and head north toward Kemmer...THis route will take me up the valley to Montpelier, Idaho.

My east wind has now shifted from the south and the route to the northwest has a nice thunderstorm with cloud to ground lightning up ahead..

This sight kills my excitement for the trail, as I stop and put on my rain gear ...While dawning my gear on the side of the road, a truck with a trailer rolls in from the north and parks next to me...Two guys get out and start unloading a harley from the enclosed trailer...I was going to ask them how the weather was up north, but when they started unloading guns and shit from the truck into the saddlebags of the bike I decide the storm up ahead might be safer than I thought..

Long story short, I made it thru the worst rain and storm I'd ever riden in...A fitting finish to day one on the Trail..

It was rainy and dark when I got to MOntP, so this pick shows ole Betty in the parking lot the next morning....

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