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2008 KLR or 2009 F800 GS for multi-year round the world trip?

It's time for me to start selling/buying/swapping bikes around again. In about 27 months I'll be leaving for a 2+ year trip around the world. Right now the two bike options I've targeted in on are the new KLR and the new F800 GS.

The main, main, main criteria for my purchase will be reliability since I'll obviously be in some pretty unpopulated areas and, to be honest, I'm not a mechanical genius. I DO NOT want this trip to end or break me financially because my bike decides to be quirky.

So maybe my question should be - Which would you trust and why?

The power of the F800 is really tempting and I have a feeling it would be a more comfortable and capable ride in the end.

The reputation of the KLR for being simple enough to fix just about anywhere and cheap enough to throw away and replace with an Enfield if need be gives me second thoughts on the BMW, though.

I know this is the GS section but I'm really hoping you guys can give me some unvarnished feedback. Help me out guys.

Any other bikes you're recommend would be helpful too.

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