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Originally Posted by chiba
I'd go with the longer-lived platform. The BMW is probably a great bike, but a brand-new model... the bugs aren't worked out and parts aren't as available.

That's kind of what I'm thinking. To me I kind of see the difference as:

With a KLR there will be times when I wish I had more power, it was more refined, etc... I KNOW that going in. And I can do some things with money I save to correct them to some degree before departing.

With the BMW everything *may* be fine the whole way through and I end up writing them a thank you letter at the end and running sales pitches for free from my home upon return. BUT, I could also be stuck in podunk South America or Africa and wind up blowing a huge chunk of my traveling money just "trying" to get going again.

Basically, I can mostly know the general limitations and expected gripes with the KLR. And accept them and move on. Or roll the dice. I'm not sure this is the situation to be rolling the dice any more than necessary when it comes to equipment.

I appreciate the good feedback and it kind of reinforces what I was thinking in my head.

If anyone wants to make a strong case against the KLR or for the BMW I'm still very interested, though...
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