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I did a day ride on the Puppy Dog Route today, from Brattleboro to S. Woodstock. Have a few pictures to share for people thinking about doing it.

These are typical of the road conditions you'll find:

Some of the roads have recently been maintained:

At the Townsend Dam

There are several lakes along the route:

Some great vistas, I believe this one is in Windham. I think that is Mount Monadnock in the distant background.

Some of the roads run along rivers

Everything from tight first gear turns to WOT

In South Reading there is a bridge out.


I did some sightseeing on the ride home.
This is the Round School House in Brookline. Very interesting history behind it:

I talked to one of the ladies from the town's historical committee. She was telling me that school just finished a complete renovation. The brickwork, floors, rear retaining wall and roof were refurbished. She said because the roof is round each of the shingles had to be hand cut to fit. They are hosting a wedding tomorrow and should have an open house in October to coincide with the foliage season.

From there I went up Putney Mountain Road which has some excellent dirt riding and views, over 1700 feet in elevation.

A couple of observations about the southern leg of the PDR:

- not only is it big-bike friendly, you could do this ride with a street bike with decent tires. In fact there is a lot of pavement on this ride (unless my GPS calculated it wrong). I would say it's about 60/40 dirt/pavement. The paved roads are nice though. You won't see much traffic.

- all of the roads are town roads and most were maintained. Some were as hard as asphalt and as wide as a state highway. You could easily do 40mph on them. As someone else previously mentioned, you will see cars coming the other way. They will be traveling fast, so be especially careful around blind turns and hills. Most of the roads are actually residential areas, only a few are completely in the wilderness, but you are riding in and out of the woods most of the time.

-although this wouldn't be a good route for enduro bikes there are a lot of dirt roads and trails off the route that would probably be more interesting.

- whoever constructed the route did a good job with the mixture of roads, scenery and availability of food and gas.

- there were two road closures on the original GPS file: Blue Hill Road in Chester is no longer a through road. There's an easy ride-around on Route 11. Also the bridge is under construction in South Redding, near Keepers Cafe. The Cafe appeared to be closed too. I made corrections to the original gpx file and have attached a revised file.

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