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It’s a 2002 BMW 1150 GS with a chair of Schöne Linië (Nice Lines) from Germany. Attachments are from Motek. The front swing-arm is a prototype of the single arm leading-link from Mobec with MCC Smart bearings with adaptors and some improvements. It also has the Duo-Drive from Mobec. (two-wheel drive connected with shafts from VW Golf, and a VW Syncro (or Audi) viscous coupling and a wet chain-box). The visco-drive gives 15 - 20% power all the time on the sidecarwheel, but depending on wheelslip and throttle position it can fully lock up tot 100%). Wheels all are 4 J front wheels of the Mercedes MCC Smart. I also had wider rims and tyres, but didn’t like that. Wheels fit everywhere and therefore I mostly ride with the Conti Wintercontact wintertyres, since they can be fitted in either direction. It’s really easy to get the snowchains on these very cheap wheels. Furthermore there are some parts from Wunderlich and Touratech on it. Sidecar shocks are from Bilstein. Front Wilbers, Back Technoflex improved Wilbers. Brakes are from the K100S. Other items are home built improvements. Remus exhaust (no kat) and some minor jobs on the engine. I estimate over 50 Hp at the wheel (on both wheels), but that’s a guess because ofcourse it’s impossible to measure that. I bought it second-hand two years ago and it was imported from Germany into the Netherlands. I’m still improving it. It’s not a full-speed off-road hack (very heavy) but more like a tractor or a Unimog. It just takes you everywere. Even with a trailer behind it. Certainly in comparison with the other hacks I used to have. Even with a trailer behind it. It’s pretty heavy, but 105 Mph or 170 Kmh fully loaded on the German Autobahn is possible.

@ Hogwild, it’s a recovered tyre, size 155 / 15 (not for highway use) and with the knobs a lot higher than the 145/65-15 winter- and summertyres I have and tyres like these you therefore can get in all sizes and depending on the width of the tyre you have 2 up to 5 rows of knobs. This particular one is pretty soft. Good in deep mud and sand, but you wear them out fast on harder grounds. I got them from a shop nearby, where they build dune buggy type autocross cars. I believe it’s an imitation of the “Cross 1” by Immler tyres from Germany,where the Immler brothers recover and make special tyres, which also were used in the “Dakar” as you probably allready know. I can put in some internetlinks, but am not sure if that’s allowed.

That’s it for now. Excuse me for my probably bad english, but as you have understood by now, I’m Dutch.

Any questions, just fire them at me.


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