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Another little nibble of Turkish Delight

In the winter months me and a group of Turkish friends usually have a ride out every Sunday if we can get babysitters, wifesitters and have been granted a day pass by the missus. (different country, same responsibilities!). On this particular Sunday we ended up skiing, however more of that later.

When we set off it was cold and damp but the mood was light,

A couple of hundred metres off the valley floor the view changed and things started to warm up,

Mehmet always gets giddy when the sun shines

We headed further up and back into the fog, snow and ice,

Those Yam 660R's aren't too keen on ice, even with Metzeler Saharas fitted. After 5 kilometers of this nonsense it was time for a break,

The look on Arifs face sums up his mood. he likes sunshine, warmth and whizzing up Kas high street standing on his pegs scaring the tourists. Mehmet, on the left, and Ali were in their element,

Different view, same expression! A short while later the track we were following dissappeared as a result of the recent rains. Only one thing to do, manhandle!

We got them all across. The line up consists of me and Arifs XT660R's, Zecky's XR650R and my XL200.

Zecky suggested heading up to higher ground where the ground would be drier and firmer. Zecky is one of those quietly spoken, together guys whose riding ability shouts out "Hey, follow me, you'll be alright". This interpretation of his personality has caught me out more than once before! Anyway, it was onward and upward,

Oh how the big Yams slithered. Mehmet, however was having a hoot,

Onwards and upwards we travelled. The air got cooler, the light got darker (?), and we got split up. Arif on his Yam and Ali on his BMW F650 fitted with road tyres struggled. Mountain goat Mehmet kept whizzing up and down the line uttering reassuring words and generally taking the Mick. Zecky and I eventually arrived at the point of.............return,

Another 500 meters would have seen us in the clear, over a brow and back down below the snowline. However, Arif and Ali were sick of skiing and were 5 clicks behind us so we backtracked and met up,

We decided to end our foolish wanderings and have a snowball fight!

It took us two hours to backtrack the 30 or so kilometres back to the asphalt. We had set off at 9 in the morning, we got home at gone 10 at night with Ali swearing to Allah and anybody who cared to listen that his offroading days, of which this was the first, were well and truly over. Roll on summer.............



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