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Originally Posted by jfn68
Robgutierrizev,what does the 620 adv sound like with the twin pipes?
They really don't sound any different. The dual pipes are a two-into-one system. The exhaust flows mainly out of the right side muffler. The left side is hooked into the main pipe by a horseshoe. In fact, the crossover actually points to the rear of the bike, not the front like a normal Y-pipe.

It's mainly there as a resonator and to add volume to the system. It's really heavy compared to a single system. There is no advantage that I know of except that it looks like a Rallye (and that's enough for me ).

Originally Posted by alfred jorgensen
I still have my original exhaust setup although the front and the crossover pipes are pretty smashed,
OK, it wasn't your system then. Yes, my crossover broke going through Mengel Pass, after beating it into some rocks. I bought that other system to replace that crossover and replace a scraped up muffler. I'm not beating that bike offroad anymore. I have a '99 to use for that.

Does anybody know where to get replacement tank decals? A shop with old stock on the shelf? I tried to buy replacements but Cycle Hutt told me they couldn't get them.
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