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Tim true to his word and undaunted by the previous ride, he did the entire ride on a pig , while 3 of the FFs downsized on this ride. you know who you are, you got feathers!

that's an advrider and the tkc's saved his

at about 8pm the 11 apostles showed up, late for supper , nevermind....the masiah was with them

community members from soviet monika....russ and chris....and they're not nOObs as they claimed to be..

the martian, this time no feelers, but still with the spooky eyes decided to ride again with us (or was he IN again just for the beer ?)

john, went smalerl cc on this ride and took the 625. it didn't take long for him to acquire the evil eyes from the martian

a SHAKEN NOWWHAT walked in with a story to tell...or WAS IT A SHAKEN BUS with a permanent impression of him on its side...

not a pretty 950SE anymore ................................................, justice has been served to the gs riders!

sito envied this SE from the day he met nowwhat, but the grin on his face says different.... and normally he helps in trail side breakdown, and tonight was unusually preoccupied what's for dinner.

at least, tonight nowwhat was able to use his brand new flashlight

just like dunerat's crash, this one will stay for a looooooooong time in the books...

bent brake pedal....big deal, we don't use the brakes on our rides

more pics to come.....
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