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Though the rocks was very steep, very rough and though. They was covered by a dangerous white ice-shield which indeed worked as a trap for many who tried to get over it. Unfortunately it soon turned out that it anyway might not be enough shelter and protection for Alto Adige. Well, the place was just too beautiful and way too much temptation emitting that only a cover on one side could keep it peacefull.

So he decided to stretch the Alps from the North in a long bow further to Southwest. This dramatic action did end up in a huge barrier made of rocks now bowing from the West to the North of Alto Adige. The Place now was covered extremely good and everybody felt quite happy, as, as a very positive side-effect this barrier kept away bad weather influence coming from the northern seas.

The place developed brilliant and did very much profit from this action. But this, of course, did make the place even more attractive to any kind of enemy. So the Lord one day decided, to take another, last attempt to cover the place and keep it as beautiful as it still was at that time. In a huge effort he built even more rough and even more sharp peaks of rocks. Hundreds and hundreds of the steepest and most authoritative structure one can imagine. And he placed them right to the east of Alto Adige and named this awesomely looking shield: “The Dolomites”.

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