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KTM Needs parts. We are in Goose Bay now. Getting on the ferry this evening.

My 950 needs :(

-16 tooth front sprocket
-42 tooth rear sprocket
-New side kick stand.

If anyone in NFland has any contacts to where I may be able to get these that would be great.

I contacted Coastal Marine in St Johns, we'll see if I hear back. Not sure who is a 950 Dealer in these parts. I need them some time w/ in this coming week. They are in very bad shape, I never thought that these would be bad already. Otherwise the 950 is running great. 37,000 miles.

Later, CJ

Update from Katie yesterday:

Hey all-
Just wanting to give an update... For those who didn't know, Craig J and I are on out honeymoon, bike trip to Labrador and Newfoundland. We took a month off of work to do so, with it being so many miles to conquer. Well, all was well for the first few days, we just encountered a lot of rain along the way. Once we get to eastern Quebec, Baie Comeau, we headed north on what was mostly dirt road. then, from Labrador City, we have more dirt to the coast and a ferry.

What with me being somewhat of a novice in the dirt, this has been a challenge, however, I was feeling pretty good. Yesterday, I thought, yeah, 150 miles to Churchill Falls, no sweat. the sun was out, it was a great temperature outside, this will be a great day! Well... the road got pretty dodgy with a lot of loose gravel. One thing led to another, I was going too fast, started to fishtail, and down I went, going about 45 miles per hour. Landed on my Left side, jaw first, then shoulder, ribs, and left hip.

All I pretty much remember is flying off the bike and landing, just screaming/crying. However, much to my luck, all of my parts were moving. My left shoulder was pretty sore and painful but with full range of motion, I got a pretty good bit of road rash on my L hip where my jacket came up, and my jaw hurts a bit. The only damage to the bike was a pretty screwed up handlebar and both rearviews gone. Craig bent up the handlebar as much as he could safely, and at that point, it was 75 miles back or 75 miles to the next town. We chose to press on and made it a few hours later to churchill falls. It's tough riding a lopsided bike with a messed up shoulder, but we made it.

Luckily we met this guy before we left in Lab city, chatted, real nice dirtbike rider on a KLR (aren't KLR riders the best!?), who ended up exchanging names, addresses, phone #s, etc. His departing words were: it's good to know people around here, you never know when you might need some help. Somewhat prophetic. And I'm not terribly religious, but I always take some tokens for luck, including the St. Christopher and our Lady. This guy's name was Chris... I think it's divine intervention...

Anyways, we got a hold of him when we got in, to get a new handlebar; there was nothing in this town. He has what we need, and Craig is now heading back to Lab City to meet him somewhere along the way to get a new handlebar.

Anyways, just wanted to update y'all about our adventures. Hopefully Craig gets back soon with a new handlebar and then tomorrow we'll head to Goose Bay and to our ferry. Otherwise, our bikes have been holding up decently, I lost my horn somewhere in Quebec and Craig's supertanker's kickstand no funciona... That's a bit of a pain- we have to get the bike on the centerstand whenever he stops. We met some nice travelers going the same way who are taking some of my gear to lighten up my bike.

Well, we'll keep you posted if anything else terrible happens, but there's only 2 more days of dirt, then we're done- I am ready to be off the dirt, my body is too sore...

Perhaps we should have gone to Cancun like other newlyweds... I could be sitting on a beach now, drinking a margarita served by a hunky cabana boy... But would that have been memorable? I don't think so- I'm ok here in Labrador getting bit up by black flies and breaking my body :)

Take Care- Katie

Chris, if you're reading this thanks alot. You sure saved us. I got back to CH Falls at 2 pm like I said and spent about 3 hrs getting everything straight and fitted ready for the next day.

Katie and I made it to Goose Bay yesterday after 9hrs on the road. She's a bit sore, shaken and less confident, but we made it together.

The Supper Tanker pumping system has come to the rescue 2X so far.

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