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OK, I dug up some photos of building the bikes.. all done in Charlie's garage in the few months leading up to Dakar 2006. It was a bit hectic, as Mike Krynock and Charlie were building the bikes, and I was building the truck. We were all working full time, so it was work at the paying job from 8-5, then haul ass home, change clothes, and head to Charlie's. Work there until 11 or so, go home, sleep, wake up, do it all again. Except for the weekends, where all we had to do was go to Charlie's and work for 12 hours a day.. It was a long couple of months, but well worth it...

I'll let Ned post the photos as he deems fit (it is his thread after all), but here's a teaser.. Charlie taking the first bike for a test ride around the block (with the truck in the background)..

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