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Originally Posted by brents347
Very Cool!

I've been riding one of Charlies' 660 Rallyes around town (CA. plated don't 'cha know), and it's amazing the responses I get from people who either know what it is, or have no idea at all.

I had one guy ask me if I knew what I had in the back of my truck! I assured him I had some idea.

But by far the most common question (and my favorite) is simply "Why?".

Because it's cool. Because it's been there. And done that. Because I never will be there or do that. Because I can live vicariously through the stories the bike would tell me if it could.

And becasue it's still a really, really capable dirt bike!

Congratulations on a very cool project. I'm subscribed.
That's great!!!! You're just on a long liason section...yeah that's it.

You should have told the guy..."really? I just picked this up to save on gas. Got it for a screaming deal...I think. Is $2000 worth it?"
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