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Originally Posted by bikerlt
I destroyed the output shaft on my '83 R65 with injudicious use of a pressure washer. I figured I knew well enough what to avoid, bearings, electrical, instruments, etc. I didn't know enough about boxers tho. I got too much spray up under the engine and into to clutch and splines and stripped the lube out of the spline. About 5k later I was left stranded on the road. It was an expensive repair and now I know much better. New bikes must have fixed this weak spot, but I'd be wary of dunking this part of the bike on any model like mine.
My G/S which lead to this question is essentially the same as your 83 as far as "achile's heels" goes.

Did you get that much water in the speedo boot/hole? Or where? I.e. what do you mean "under the engine"?

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