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A problem area is the carby breathing/drain hole .. it is on the bottom of the float bowel.. if that is block by water long enough (say 50 - 100 metres) than it drags water into the float bowel and the bike trys to run on water rather than petrol. HPN/Tortech (sp?) offer a solution .. pricy but if you want to run submerged ...

Water into the final drive and gear box won't stop the bike running .. you can later drain off the water .. let it settle and than drain untill oil starts to come out.

As noted above - water on the clutch can be a problem .. as it is for 4WDs (manuals). Don't use the clutch while submerged and you won't have a problem. Use it once and it should not do too much harm, the more you use it the more problem (slipping) you will have.

Water into the alternator/ignition bean can area is not a problem. Nor should it be a problem with eht electics - they should be sealed ...
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