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I've been looking for a stroker crank for several months now, and they're all but gone. KTM has more or less wrote off the RFS motor, pursuing the RC series. So the RFS has become instantly vintage....

Since I'm not waiting any longer to find a rebuildable stroker crank, I'm going to just build a 510cc [525] motor to get the project going. I need the motor in the frame to make the myriad of spacers and brackets required, and to attempt to repair the older generation bodywork. My bike has the three piece fairing, and it is pretty rough.

So, if anyone has a rebuildable stroker crank, I'd be interested in it, but for now, a 510 will have to do.

Lots of parts are beginning to arrive, so with a little luck, I can get this thing going soon and 'catch up'!
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