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Originally Posted by qwiksilver
101 to the 170 to the 5 to the 118 to the 210...ok...five freeways. I googled the other routes and they are longer...and I don't feel like getting up any earlier. Using only three freeways adds 10 minutes because of the screwing around you have to do at Griffith Park.

And the bad thing about my office is that we have our own barrista (no need for Starbucks) and I had a cinnamon bun latte at 3pm today. Real smart...I can't get to sleep now.

hey Q,
i don't where abouts in hollywood you are, but 5 north, osbourne exit(get gas at CHEVRON HERE ), right onto osbourne, east on osbourne, right on foothill, left on osbourne, left into the 7-11. 25 minutes from los feliz blvd/I-5

here's a link from the 5 to the 7-11.,0.109863&z=13

have fun!
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