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Originally Posted by WoodWorks
Yeah, thanks for offering your time and insight, RTW. In addition to texagator's questions:

1. What sort of real world gas tank range did you get?
2. Did you run into any of the issues some early buyers have experienced; unexplained engine stall, loose steering head bearings, rapid chain wear?
3. What broke first, and why?
4. How'd those Pelican cases and brackets work out? Caribous?

1. Gas tank range, see previous post.
2. Issues:

a. Engine stall - none.

b. Steering head bearings, yes, noticeable at 500-750 km, straigtforward to tighten. VERY common according to the dealer. I would suggest asking them to check at pre delivery inspection and ask them to tighten regardless at 1000 km service.

c. Chain wear, not an issue. Caveat, I don't like replacing things before their time and because I knew that I couldn't get parts in South or North America, I was carrying a new set of sprockets and chain. Not knowing if I could additional parts later, I hung onto the spares as long as I could and I rode the bike until the chain needed to be changed, not when it might need to be chnaged. This was at 34,000 km. Not many will have the spares with them and will need to push their bikes this far, but from my perspective, there is nothing wrong with the stock chains at all. And to answer some typical questions, standard to lazy chain maintenance, run dry in the sand and fine gravel, very wide range of conditions.

d. Broken - nothing except a small plastic V when you take off the front beak. Nice dealer in South America, I guess he just didn't know how to reinstall it as he hadn't seeen one yet.

e. Cases - I've used Pelican' s on a couple of different bikes, couldn't say enough good things about them. when I bought the bike, there was almost no aftermarket parts available for the bike. The case system (caribou's) I took off the Strom and about 40% we made or changed specifically for this bike in Buenos Aires. I couldn't say enough good things about the Pelican cases, super hard and withstand a lot of abuse. Only downside is a little bit narrow and side loading instead of top. Roger at Caribou is a good supporter of the industry as well with his caribou setup.

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