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Originally Posted by dcwn.45
I am also interested to know the miles per tank of fuel.
How is the seat?
Is it comfortable to stand, both for control off road, and for butt relief on the road?
Seat - a bit of a hornets nest, but I would strongly suggest that you try it, really try it before giving up and spending cash. It's very personal, but for me the seat was fine.

When I first sat on it, my immediate thought was I would need an Airhawk. I tried if for a few hours and it got better. I used it few more days and totally forgot about it. Longest day was about 19 hours, many 12 hour days. It does get a bit hard after quite a few hours, but nothing that can't be solved with some shifting around.

Quick comment, if you sit in it and you feel like your future generations are getting the squeeze, you are sitting wrong and your ass will get sore quickly. It is dished, so it has the tendency to slide you into the pocket and splay your legs. Resist the urge, slide back, and squeeze the tank with you knees. Your weight will be distributed along your legs somewhat as well and give your butt a better chance of staying awake.

Caveat-after a while your butt does get conditioned. It may be that the seat in it's configuration may be too hard for people that hop on it once every Sunday or two. But all in all, the seat is surprisingly ok given the narrow profile that they had to work with.

Standing - very good as narrow seat and you are actually quite far forward once on the pegs, the cockpit (distance from handlebars to seat) is quite small (which you'll be reminded of when you try to put a tank bag on the faux tank). It'll feel like a standard enduro set up, but I also did have a set of 1" risers on the handle bars (should be added to the mods list). That made the set up work well for me (6'0"). Stock footpegs with removeable rubbers are fine. A bit more vibration without the rubbers, i can see some dirt dogs putting on footpegs that are fatter.
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